Your own Tailwind Tribe will help you connect with like-minded bloggers and promote your content, giving your blog pageviews a great boost!

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You have been working so hard on your blog lately and want to see some traffic coming your way, right? What if I told you that there is a great tool you can use to put your content in front of even more people??That is what Tailwind helps you do with its free feature: Tailwind Tribes!

Tailwind Tribes is currently free for everyone. This means that even if you are not a premium member onTailwind, meaning you are not paying, you can still enjoy and benefit from Tribes. Before you need it to get invited to join a Tribe, but not anymore!

Long post warning: I have to warn you. This is a long and in-depth post… more than 3000 words await you ahead. If you have no time to read right now, make sure to pin it and rescue it later. Enjoy!

This post might contain affiliate links, which means  I might get a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting Life of Wanderlusters.

Tailwind Tribes Guide for Beginners

In this post, you will learn how to join Tailwind Tribes and how to interact with the Tribes. Plus some other details that you will be happy to hear about. This way you will make your blog more visible and gain more page views and also new subscribers 🙂

If you don’t know yet what Tailwind is, read my post “Tailwind: the Automation Tool that Will Bring more Traffic to your Blog”.

In case you want to know how Tailwind works and decide that is your time to start a blog, I have you cover, dive into my tutorial of how to start a blog right now and come back to learn more about Tailwind.

Let´s get started!

Update: As November 1st of 2017 Tailwind Tribes is available for anybody to join. There is no need to get invited to a Tribe anymore.However, there have been some changes that we will discuss later in this post.Keep reading for more details.


What are Tailwind tribes

Tailwind Tribes are like Pinterest Group Boards.  Tailwind Tribes used to be free for anyone to use. You just needed to get invited through a link. It didn’t matter if you had a premium plan with Tailwind or you were on their free plan. But things have changed. From November 1st of 2017 Tailwind Tribes is a public feature. What does this mean?

For those like me, that joined Tailwind Tribes before this change this is what the CEO of Tailwind, Danny Maloney, has released to Tailwind members:

🎁   EVERYONE who joined Tailwind Tribes prior to the upcoming launch (that’s YOU!) will get a FREE Tribes Pro PowerUp added to their account… FOREVER. We will also be offering huge promotions following the launch, letting early adopters like you lock-in substantial discounts on other Tribes PowerUps, should you want them 🙂

We are lucky!

Don´t worry if you weren’t a member before. For the rest of you that just discover Tailwind Tribes, if you are on the free plan of Tailwind Tribes you will get access to 5 Tribes and the submission of 30 pieces of content a month.

If you decide that you want more than the free plan can offer you can purchase a Tribes PowerUp.

I want to show you what Tailwind offers me at the moment.

Introducing Tailwind Tribes Skyrocket your Blog Traffic

Because I joined Tailwind Tribes when it was invitation-only, my account has been grandfathered and I have a special discount. How do your plans look like?


Lock-in 50% off any Tribes PowerUp before February 1, 2018! You’re eligible for these exclusive discounts on Tribes PowerUps because you joined Tribes during our invite-only period and your account has been grandfathered in! Thank you for helping to build the Tailwind Tribes community 🙂


If you haven’t been grandfathered, your plans are different. I am guessing that your screen will show my strikethrough numbers.I hope they have a welcome discount for you.

I am not sure how I feel about this new payment plan, even though is free for me. I knew something as good as Tribes wasn’t going to be free for a long time. However, I think the prices are a little bit over the roof. Especially for those bloggers that are starting out.

Also, you can see on the right hand inside that I have a red number. That means that in the plan they put me for free, at the moment, only allows me to have 10 tribes and I have 15. So I am guessing that when my unlimited expired on November 30th they are going to tell me that I am part of too many Tribes. I will let you know in December.

Back to what Tailwind Tribes are… As I told you before Tribes are pretty much like group boards. Tribes can focus on one theme or niche at a time, be a Tribe for all niches or specify which niches are allowed. You just have to find the ones that are the best fit for you.

For example, if you blog about recipes you will like to join a Tribe that is related to that niche. This way you can share your content knowing that people will be interested in what you are sharing, and you won’t be kicked out for not following the rules. Making sure you follow the rules of the Tribes is important.

Talking about rules, to know what you are allowed or not allowed to do in the Tribe,  you just have to read the “About this Tribe” and “Tribes Rules.” Let´s dive on this important matter!

Understanding the Tribes Rules

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

Here we have one Tribe, its name is Blogging Friends Pins. As you can see in it’s “About this Tribe” section, the type of pins allowed in this group it is related to the topic of blogging. Also, it reminds you the importance of promoting each other’s content, which is the primary purpose of the Tailwind Tribes.

If you keep reading, you will find the section about this Tribe´ rules. It is pretty similar to all the Tailwind Tribes; the difference is the rate of the posts you have to pin for each one that you share.

Let´s talk now about the Tribe overview. This section will show you how many repins and re-shares have been made in the group. Even though it can sound the same, reshares and repins are two different things.

Re-shares is when you like a pin in the tribe, and you decide to share it again in the same tribe, while repins is when you scheduled that pin you like and pin it in one of your boards.

Now, we move into the received part; here you will see how many re-shares and repins you got, and what is the reach of your pins. As you know, I didn’t get many shares or repins. I just joined this Tribe, so I am hoping to get a higher number soon.

Lastly, in this sidebar, there is a section for the Tribe Members. You will always be appearing at the top of the list. And then you will see the other members, starting with the ones that have contributed to the Tribes the most.

The good thing here is that you can see your pinning rate. If you look at mine, Irene Wanderluster, I shared 7 pins of my own, and I have reciprocated with 14 repins of other members content. I still have a long way to add and promote more of my content and the others. The thing is to be active and share as much as you can from others, so they will hopefully do the same for you.

Remember that you can get a free trial of Tailwind and the first month of premium for free if you sign up through this link.


Sharing your content on Tailwind tribes

Sharing your blog posts on Tailwind Tribes is very simple if you use the Tailwind Share Button extension in Chrome. Remember that you learned how to add this button on my previous post about Tailwind so if you didn’t add it or don’t remember how to get to it check that post out.

Go to your blog and choose the blog post you will like to share on Tailwind Tribes. Make sure you have a pinnable image, that is vertical, has a clear title and an eye-catching image.Once you are in your blog post and have located your Tailwind extension button click on it.  Every image you have will show up in a pop-up window, even the ones from the related post that are showing on that page. So way easier! Because now, you can share more than just your latest blog post.

Now it’s time to click on the images you will like to share in your Tribes and click on Schedule Now.

This image will show up next:

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

Click on every “Add to Tribes” square and select the Tribes where you want to share each blog post.Like in the next picture:

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

Once, you have clicked on all the tribes you want to share your content, simply tick on Add to Tribe, and it is over 🙂

Pinning others people’s content on Tailwind Tribes

To share other pins from the Tribe, you will have to go to Tailwind, and on the left-hand side, you will find an icon that looks like this. Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules,icon

The number that appears on top of the icon is the number of new pins, on all the tribes you are in, that are new. In other words, the number of pins you haven’t seen yet.

Click on the icon and a new page will show up with all your the Tribes you are part of in a drop-down box.Select the Tribe you want to share content from and something like this will come up:

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

Now it is time to pick the pins you like and want to either, re-share, or add to your own Pinterest Boards.

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

Let´s say I like this pin, and I want to save it in one of my boards. I just have to click on it (the borders will turn blue, so you know you have selected that pin), and where it says “Type a board name” I start writing the name of the board where I want to save that pin. The boards you have with the letters you are writing in the text box will show up.Then you only need to select the one you like. If you feel like sharing that same pin on another board or even in a group board you contribute, just type another name again and follow the same process.


How do I keep track of what I have posted on each Tribe?

This is as simple as just looking at the little bar on top of all the pins of each board. It looks like this:

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

As you can see, on this particular board there are 32,468 pins, I have 7 of my own, and I  shared 14 pins from other members.

Tip: While you are searching for the pins of each Tribe you can see if you have already shared that pin. A little green ribbon with a Published sign will show on the top left of the image. Also, you can see that pin popularity on the top right of the picture with a little blue rectangle with a fire icon and a number. If you hover over that box, you will see how many times that image was shared on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+.


Update November 2017: New way to find Tribes on Tailwind

Tailwind Tribes are now publicly available. What does this mean? You don’t need to get invited to join a tribe! But the best of it is that you can even have a sneak peek of the content of the tribes.

The Find a Tribe button will allow you to enter keywords and find the best matches for your search. This way you can make sure you are getting in Tribes related to the content you want to promote because you will be able to see what the other members are sharing even before you join.

Take a look at the screenshots below.

You can type your niche and find out how many boards are available, how many users it has and the activity.

Because I am over my tribes’ limits I new to upgrade in order to join new tribes. I guess is time to carefully look at which Tribes are actually working for me and which ones are not and create a new plan. I will tell you all about this soon when I actually have some insights 🙂

Once you have access to Tailwind Tribes, you can go ahead and create your very own Tailwind Tribe 🙂 It´s very easy to do; there are just some necessary steps to have in mind.


Why is it a Good Thing to Have your Own Tailwind Tribe?

Having your own Tribe will mean that you will connect with other like-minded bloggers. You set up your rules and a number of shares (we will talk about this later), and you will make sure that the content people share in your Tribe it´s relevant to you and to your purpose.

Being in a Tribe is the same as being in a Pinterest Group Board, you decide who gets in and what content is shared. You can also connect with the people from your Tribe using the chat to send them a message. The main goal is to share your content. But you can also create some connections and increase your page views

Creating your Tribe

First things first, let’s locate the button to start our tribe. If you already are in Tailwind (and you should ;)) look at the top of the right-hand side. There you will see a green button that says “Create New tribe” just like this:

Click on the green button and a pop-up will show up, just like this:

Choose a great name for your board. Don´t worry if you change your mind later on because you can edit the name of your tribe at any time. Select the category that best fits your board. In my case, I chose Lifestyle because I didn’t find anything else closer to Blogging.

Tribe Visibility

This part is important. There are three options and the one in the middle comes by default. Of course, you can change it, but I believe that the option “Request to join” is the best choice right now. I want to believe that everyone will follow the rules but I don’t want to risk letting anybody in and have spam all over. For this reason, is better to let people find you but ask for “permission” to join your Tribe.

I think the option Secret is kind of extreme. You won´t be able to find the Tribe, and you need an invitation just to know that exists. I guess it will be ok to use in Tribes with a huge number of members, or for people that purchased a course or book. Something like a select group. Ok, maybe is not that bad. I guess it depends on the use you give it.

For the time being, I think the best option is to let people find your Tribe and invite them to join. But feel free to use any of the options. Follow your gu, and hey, if it doesn’t work, you can always change it 🙂

Description & Rules

These are also important steps when creating your Tribe. You want to show people what your Tailwind Tribe is about and what is allowed to do in it. If you want to create a Tribe about food blog post, then specify that your Tribe is meant for people in the Food blogging niche.

My board, for example, is open to anybody who is in the blogging community, but I have limited the kind of content. Here is my description:


About this tribe:

Use this tribe to promote your fantastic content and engage with other amazing bloggers. Limit your content to blogging, social media and writing 🙂


If I see this information, I will know in a second if this Tribe is adequate for me. I based it on the themes I touch in my blog.

The rules will inform people about what is ok and not ok to do it in your Tribe. Remember that is good to have some guidelines and be organized. You don’t want people spamming with trillions of their blog posts, products or affiliate links. Ok, maybe trillion is an exaggeration, but you get what I mean, people that want to promote their content should be mindful of other people’s content as well. For this reason, it is key to set up a required number of shares for some shares from their own content. In my Tailwind Tribe, I say that for every pin of your own you need to share two pins from other people. This way I make sure that everybody´s content is being shared and discovered.

These are my rules:

  1. For every pin that you share repin at least 2 pins from other fantastic bloggers
  2. Vertical pins only
  3. For questions and introductions use the chat group!

These rules also help people to understand how Tailwind Tribes work, and what can they do in them.

Adding Content to your Tailwind Tribe

If you follow the Tailwind´s guidelines, the first suggested step will be to add some content to your Tribe. And it makes sense because if you have some content there, even if is just your own blog posts, people can start sharing and re-sharing or pinning and that way your Tribe will start to grow faster. So go ahead and start adding some of your best blog posts in there 🙂

Tailwind , Tribes, engagement,boards,pins,rules

To add content to your Tribe remember that you can go to your Pinterest account and select the pins you want to share by clicking on Tailwind publisher button on your browser. If you don’t have this button or don´t remember how to use it visit my previous post and scroll to the middle of the post until you find Sharing your content on Tailwind, there is detailed information about adding pins to Tailwind Tribes 🙂

If you want to get started on Tailwind for free click here to get a free trial and your first month of Tailwind Premium ($15 value) for free!


Inviting People to your Tailwind Tribe

Congrats! You just created a Tribe and added some content, now is time to invite people over!

You have three choices here:

  1. Invite through a personal link that you can add to your blog posts for example.
  2. Sharing it the link directly on Facebook.
  3. Sending an email to people you think will be interested in joining your Tribe. This option gives you the chance to invite someone and also promote them to become an Admin of your Tribe.

Once you have your Tribe setup, I recommend to promote it through social media channels, blog posts, and emails. I am at this stage right now so let’s see how this turns out and let’s share our amazing content together!

If you missed the link to my Tailwind Tribe Blogging with Purpose don’t go back to look everywhere in the post, here is another invitation for you 🙂

Update: Even though now you can find any tribe with the search tool, invitations are still a way to invite certain people over so they don’t have to look for your Tribe. If you join my Tribe, and I hope you do, you will also get your first month on Tailwind for free (a $15 value).

I hope I covered everything you need to know right now about Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes for Pinterest. If there is something you will like to know that I didn’t mention or if you have questions, please leave your thoughts in the comments below or send me an email. I will respond as soon as possible 🙂 

Your own Tailwind Tribe will help you connect with like-minded bloggers and promote your content, giving your blog pageviews a great boost!