What is affiliate marketing, In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of third-party products that you like and believe into an audience. Your audience. This promotion has the primary goal of promoting someone else's product and the ultimate goal of converting that promotion into sales. Once the sale is done, the promoter will earn a commission.

This post contains Affiliate links. I might get a little commission at no cost to you. Thank you for keeping this Blog up and running.

Today I want to talk to you about Affiliate Marketing.

If you are a regular on Pinterest searching for ways to earn money through your blog you might be already familiar with this word.

There are thousands of pins and posts out there that tell bloggers how to make money with their blogs.However, to be honest, when I first started I thought that was too good to be true. Six figures income from just affiliate marketing? After a lot of digging and learning I came to the conclusion that yes, it is possible. However, you need to have a lot of traffic and a big community built to make those numbers.

Some of the most known bloggers like Michelle Gardner from Making sense of Cents make a crazy amount of money on their blog just with affiliate links.And you know what? You can do it too! You won´t probably start making big numbers but hey! We are here to learn, right? The more you learn about something the best you get, so let’s get started with Affiliate Marketing!
Are you with me?

What is affiliate marketing

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of third-party products that you like and believe into an audience. Your audience. This promotion has the primary goal of promoting someone else’s product and the ultimate goal of converting that promotion into sales.

Once the sale is done, the promoter will earn a commission. This commission will depend on the specific rules of each affiliate program.

If you want more information about what affiliate programs you can join, visit my post 5 Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers.


How to approach Affiliate Marketing to don’t feel “salesly”

At the beginning, I thought that if I included affiliate links to my posts I will be seen like I was just trying to sale everything. Then, as I read about Affiliate marketing I realized that I wasn’t alone. You are not alone if you have this thought in the back of your head too. We all feel this way at some point. And you know what? It is ok, it is normal to think that people will see you as a salesperson because you are trying to sell them something.

But the thing here is that you are not selling anything. You are promoting a product that you like. You are showing your readers something you discovered, tried and love, that either makes your life easier, helped you in some way or you learned a ton from.

The trick about Affiliate marketing is that you must think of it as personal recommendations. I recommend you to try this amazing software or this brilliant book that taught me how to do blah blah…

Do you get me?

I hope so 🙂

So, if you already have a blog and you want to see some money coming in to cover your expenses Girl! You can totally do this!

Affiliate Marketing it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It needs time and a strategy.

You can not drop affiliate links all over your social media and blog post and expect people to click and buy whatever you drop in there.

You need to create your productive and efficient strategy that will help you create amazing content for your loyal readers and at the same time recommend them some of your favourite products.

Here are some examples of Blog posts you can write including Affiliate Links:

  • Reviews
  • Round-up
  • Tutorials
  • Interviews
  • Resource Page/List


Affiliate Marketing Programs:

You can sign up for an Affiliate Marketing Network or just for an Affiliate Program for a specific product/company.

The difference?

If you sign up for a specific affiliate program for a product or company you will have links and resources to promote one product or many products from the same company. E.G: BlueHost. You can find this specific affiliate programs by “googling” the company or product that you like an affiliate program.

In the other hand, if you sign up for an Affiliate Network you have the possibility to join many different programs, products, and companies. One example of this is ShareASale. When you sign up for the ShareASale network you get access to different affiliate programs like Grammarly, Tailwind, PicMonkey and many many more.

I have another post about my favourite 5 affiliate programs I recommend my readers to join. Make sure to take a look to join great affiliate programs and start covering your blogging expenses. Note: It includes a great list of Affiliate Programs for you to download for free that you can join as a new blogger. Woohoo!

How to add affiliate links to your posts:

This one is easy 🙂

Once you sign up for any affiliate program you will have access to your affiliate links, banners and/or images.

If you are writing a review post about a personal growth book you read, you can add your affiliate links to that book within the text.


Take a look:

This is my dashboard for tailwind in ShareASale. Let´s pretend this is the URL for the amazing book you read. You will have to go to Text Link and, as the text says, go to get my HTML code to copy your affiliate link.

Once you have your affiliate link copied, go to your post and find the sentence where you want to add it.

Imagine you wrote this:

A couple months ago I purchased a book from Amazon. It talks about personal growth and I thought it will be a great read for the summer. I just finished and I want to share with you a little review of this amazing book called the name of book“. I promise it won’t  disappoint you.

You want to have a long anchor text with your keyword in it. You know all those SEO tricks and hacks you can use to rank higher on Google…

Let´s say your keyword is the name of the book, it will make a lot of sense right? So your anchor text should say: Review of this amazing book called “name of book“.

The anchor text is just those words or sentence where you place your hyperlink.

So go to your post panel on the top of your WordPress page.

It will look something like this (mine has some adds on so don’t worry if it is different from yours)

Do you see the hyperlink symbol? Cool

Let´s follow these easy steps now:

  1. So select the sentence you want to become your anchor text/ link.
    Affiliate Marketing Guide for New Bloggers
  2. Press on the Hyperlink Symbol
  3. Add your affiliate link in the URL spaceAffiliate Marketing Guide for New Bloggers
  4. Click the screw symbol to open a little windowAffiliate Marketing Guide for New Bloggers
  5. Click “open link in a new tab”. (You want people to stay in your page)
  6. Click “Add Link”
  7. Your text should look like this now. This way you know your anchor text is now clickable and it has your affiliate link in it.

Affiliate Marketing Guide for New Bloggers

Easy-peasy right?

So, remember to add some affiliate links at the top, middle and at the end of your post. Don´t add more than 4. That will be just too much. But it is always a good idea to remind your readers at the end of the post that they can get that book you just reviewed through your link ( add your link in that sentence).

I Added My Affiliate Links, Now what?

Ok, so you wrote a great review post and added at least 3 of your affiliate links (of that product you are reviewing) in your post. Awesome!

If you are a new blogger, the reality is that there are probably a few readers that come check out your blog as regulars. But the majority of your traffic will come from social media, promotion, and PINTEREST!

So get ready to create fantastic graphics following your brand’s guidelines.

You can create graphics for your blog with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, they are my favourite because it is hard to find limits to your creativity 🙂

However, if you don’t have these tools or just want something simpler I recommend you to use Canva. Canva is free t use, you just need to create an account and you are ready to go. It has some templates already made but you can totally create yours from scratch.

If you are not very familiar with Canva you should check out this great video tutorial from Holly Pixels. She is amazing at creating things with the Adobe programs. I am subscribed to her channel! She has unbelievable tutorials. If you like all things creative like me you should be following her like yesterday 🙂

Ok, back to our graphics. Once you have your kickass graphic for your review post, make sure to add it to your post.

Here is how:

Go to your WordPress backend and open the post window.

Click on “Add Media”

Affiliate Marketing Guide for New Bloggers

BEFORE you drop your image there make sure it has an appropriate name with your keyword included. It makes more sense to call your image “”book name” review blog post.png” than “45utjgho589.png”, you got it!

  1. Drop the image
  2. Select it
  3. Add some Alt Attributes (again add relevant keywords)
  4. Press “Insert into the post”

There you go! Your image is in your post. Now you just have to put it where you think it looks better. Either on the top of the post, at the end, in the middle or even in all of those places.


Pro Tip: Make at least two graphics for the same post to run an AB test. This way you can see which image is performing better and add those winning elements to the rest of your graphics. Also, with more than 1 image per post, it will be easier for you to promote that post and don’t seem spammy.

Make sure to add your Pinterest Graphic to the post on Pinterest. Save it to a relevant board, like the board for your Blog Posts. And start saving them to other relevant boards or even group boards to give it a boost. More about how to conquer Pinterest here.


What Happens Next?

Alright, so we have done this long process and you want to know what happens next.

Well, my friend, it depends!

It can happen that your Pin has gone viral and many people shared it on Pinterest and click on it, have gone to your blog and decided you convinced them with your review. It looks like a great book! So they want to read it too. And they purchase the book you, so nicely, recommend them. Congrats! Way to go! You got affiliate sales!

Note: You can see the analytics for your affiliate links in the dashboard of your affiliate program of the network. You will find how many people clicked your links and how many people purchased the product.

The previous scenario will be awesome. However, the most common thing I see happening, especially when you are just starting out, is that is hard to convert clicks into sales. But don’t worry! Some people might buy, some people might don´t. This is how life works.You will learn by error and trial. We all start this way.You just have to make sure that you are putting your content in front of the right people. (SEO baby!)

Note: If you want to learn more about SEO, take a look at my post What are Keywords and Where to Find Them.


  • Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of third-party products that you like and believe in, to an audience.
  • Approach Affiliate marketing as personal recommendations.
  • Join Affiliate Marketing Networks or Programs.
  • Add Affiliate Links to relevant Blog Posts.
  • Create great Graphics and promote your Posts.
  • Track your results.