about life of wanderlusters


About Life of Wanderlusters

Life of Wanderlusters begun as a lifestyle and travel blog and it has evolved into a blog that aims to help bloggers create a new beginning online.

I consider myself a Wanderlust (quick hint on the name of the blog 🙂 ) also I have been through many changes in the last year (some good, others no good at all) that I decided to take the bull by the horns! (this is saying we use a lot in Spain).

So I decided to start my personal change. I was tired of the circumstances leading to changes. Especially to those changes, I didn’t like at all. What is done is done right? But I decided that from that moment on I will be the one to determine changes.And I started to stop dreaming about what I could do and got into the action by creating my very own blog. A change in which I the control of our time, purpose and mission.

So far, my blog has helped me grow my professional skills by writing, learning more about SEO, content marketing and social media, which has led to land a remote job I enjoy doing.

In Life of Wanderlusters, you will find Tips and Resources for Bloggers, content strategy advice, Marketing and SEO guides, how to find jobs to work remotely and much more!

You can expect to find a new post every other Wednesday!


About Me


Hi! I am Irene, and I am the creator and writer of Life of Wanderlusters. I live in Madrid, Spain. I currently work as a Community and Content Manager on remote, and I am enjoying it very much! Besides my job and my blog, I am also attending my masters in Web and Graphic design (get ready to read some post about that too). I wanted to create a space online where I can share what I learn and inspired other people like you to create or to find a place online.

The internet is much more than pictures of cats and gifs. Take advantage of it and start creating a purposeful space for yourself, where you can share and teach people about you are great at and love to do. I want to help you create your new beginning, grow it and receive income from it.

Let´s follow the Wanderlusters path together!