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Writing can become a little overwhelming sometimes. Ther are many ways to tell things, and we are not always inspired to transmit in our best way. When writing a blog post you want to share the information you know in your unique voice and also you want to have a grammar error-free style.  When we all first start blogging we write some posts, that well, are not the best ones out there. But hey! there is always room for improvement right? We are here to learn, and the best way to learn and improve your writing is by writing! So don´t feel the pressure of having perfect content, that will come at some point. You will develop better techniques and a personalized style with time and work, but for now, if you need some help checking your work and you don´t want to spend many in proofreaders you can use these 5 free tools as starters.

If you haven´t started your blogging journey yet because you think your writing is not good enough, please stop for a minute here and think: I can totally do this! I started like you, with doubts and concerns, but also with great excitement and passion. What do you have to lose?

So if I convinced you right now, or if you were already thinking of starting a blog, please visit my step by step guide of how to start and set up your blog with BlueHost and WordPress, and let me know if it helped you!

There are some resources I use when I write or I have to proofread some content and I want to share them with you.

Here are the 5 tools that help me become a better writer:



Grammarly has become my number 1 tool when it comes to editing. As a Community Manager, I have to post many different texts on Social Media and it is easy to misspell a word. Grammarly catches it in a second and recommends me the right word. It also gives me suggestions of synonyms I can use instead.

I first signed up for the free account, and it worked great for me. I could even installed it in Chrome and have my emails revised, as well as download the app for Microsoft Word. It definitely catches more mistakes than Word I am very happy to have it.

You can have a free week of  Grammarly Premium as well if you want to check it out for yourself.

Check this in-depth post about Grammarly:  Grammarly THE #1 APP TO BE A BETTER WRITER


Hemingway app

This tool helps me become a better writer by giving useful tips about my content. This way I am available to improve my writing skills and, hence, write better!

Here is an example so you can understand better why I like this app so much

Once you edit your writing with the Hemingway app you will obtain three main results:

  • Readability
  • Word count
  • Corrections of the text

hemingway app

When you hover your mouse or press in any of the blue, green or purple coloured words, a little box will come up and tell you what can or needs to be improved.

Take a look at the corrections now. Before only the green box had a 0. Now green, blue and purple is at 0. That means that those mistakes are corrected. Now I have to find a way to make those red and yellow parts easier to read. Sometimes is as easy as shortening the sentences.

If you really want to improve your writing this is a great free tool to take into the account.



Ginger, it is a software grammar check, that can also be very handy.

As you can see Ginger has a lot to offer, even with the free account. it is a great tool to use on while writing because it will help you correct mistakes instantly.

Ginger has a grammar checker and a sentence rephrases, which can be really helpful when you are stuck with one thought.

Another asset for a great writing!


Headline analyzer

This one is more for your headline than for the content, but hey! If you don´t attract your readers with a good headline, your content will be sitting in your website very lonely.

I used Headline Analyzer with the headline of this blog post and this was the result

74 it’s a pretty nice score, and I feel comfortable with i. I tried to make some changes but the scored was lover so I stuck with the first idea.

If you want great headlines this tool is a must.

Tone Analyzer

I didn’t-find this app until a few weeks ago. I find it very helpful.

Your tone can make your writing fail or stand out, and it can be hard to keep the same tone through out the same text. Imagine writing a novel with different characters…

I have to write emails every day and sometimes I wonder if I sound too bossy or if I even sound excited enough about the good news. Tone Analyzer is a great asset for my writing resources!

You can paste an email, a tweet or your own text into their box and then press analyze, then an output will show up and tell you the tone of your text.

5 Tools that will help you become a better writer

You can even identify sentences with stronger tone than others, and the kind of tone you are using the most. Take a look!

5 Tools that will help you become a better writer

Overall it´s a great tool to have and it’s extremely easy to use!

I hope that these 5 tools I brought you today will help you with your writing as they do with mine.

Thank you for stopping by and see you in soon!