There are many ways you can turn your blog into a profitable side hustle or business. Take a look at the list of ways you can start making money blogging.

4 ways to Start Making Money Blogging

There are different ways you can take advantage of to transform your blog into a profitable side hustle or business. If you haven’t started your blog yet, I have a step by step guide of how you can start yours for less than a Starbucks’ Frappuccino costs and in less than 15 minutes. If you are already in the blogging game and you are curious about how to start earning some money from your blog, this is your post. I am going to show you four ways that will help you make some money out of your blog. Some are easier than others, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages, so let´s take a look at the list of ways you can start making money blogging.

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Digital Products

This option is one of my favorites. I am currently working on my own digital products, and I think I will have them ready by the beginning of next year.

To be able to make money out of a digital product you will have to put extra work at first by creating the product and getting it in front of people on social media. However, after that, it will become passive income if you have a plan in mind.

Depending on your niche, you have different options to choose from when designing a digital product. Here are some ideas for digital products you can create yourself:

Ebook or Course

This is one of the most common digital products I have seen so far. You can create an ebook or online course on a topic your audience needs help with. The best part is that you probably have some blog post about that matter on your blog that can help you outline the ebook. You can use those blog posts as references to send your readers to your blog or you can add them to the ebook. If you decide to add those blog post on the ebook make sure to add more details, examples or even case studies. Nobody wants to buy something that is already free somewhere else.


The second most common of digital products out there right now. There is a long list of printables you can make, and it will depend on the niche you are on.

These are the most common out there:

  • Calendars
  • Workbooks
  • Checklists
  • Patterns
  • Recipes

Tools you will need:

  • Google Docs / Microsoft Word / Apple Pages
  • SendOwl: a platform to sell your digital products that need downloads, plus you can quickly add affiliates for your products.
  • Teachable: Platform to host your course.
  • Udemy: Platform to host your course.

Money you can make:

Ebooks have a variety of ranges, and it usually depends on the number of pages and amount of research and time spent on the creation. I have seen ebooks for as low as $15 and others up to $80. However, the average price for an ebook is around $25 – $30. Especially if it is for beginners because the budget is small.

Online courses: Almost the same, it also depends if it is a written course of it also has video or workbooks that will help you follow along. There is a higher average price for online courses. Again it depends on the audience (if it is for newbies usually is cheaper) and on the topic. Many courses start at $10 in Udemy or Teachable, while other, like Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing can cost up to $200. However, I have to say that in this case, you will earn your money back if you implement what you have learned in the course.

To have a better understanding of how to price your online course visit this post from Teachable,  and this post to have an idea of how to price your ebooks. You will find a very detailed guide on how to estimate the best range price for your digital products.

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Doesn’t matter what niche you are on there will be something you are good at and your audience probably needs help with.

If you are marketing yourself as a food blogger you might want to sell services of meal planning for busy moms, meal planning to lose weight, consulting about specific diets and so on.

Services are a great way to transform your blog into a profitable side hustle or business.Click To Tweet

You can offer your services as a :

  • Consultant or coach
  • Auditor of websites and blogs
  • Digital Marketer: help with paid ads and social media marketing
  • Private lessons in a variety of topics
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelance Writer

Tools you will need:

  • Skype / google hangouts / Facebook Messenger
  • Expertise in the topic
  • Related tools to the specific job e.g Tailwind, Boardbooster for Pinterest V.A. Hootsuite for Digital Marketers…

Money you can make: This will depend on your level of expertise and on your audience. If you are reaching out to newbies in any topic, you have to consider their budget, and this one will probably be low. However, if you reach to Pro blogger, startups or companies their budget will be different. Pinterest V.A earn around $25/ hour, Blog audits range an average of $25 to $50 and Freelance writers can also earn an average of $50 per blog post and much more. Again it all depends on your skills and the clients you are after. These prices are meant to help you understand how much you could make as a beginner. If you are a pro at any of these things your average income will scale.

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Affiliate Marketing

These are one of the most commonly known monetizing methods in the blogosphere, so why aren’t you taking advantage of it?

This method is one of the easiest ones to implement because you will just have to promote someone else’s products. To learn more about Affiliate Marketing and how to use it in your blog post take a look at my post affiliate marketing guide for new bloggers.

With affiliate marketing, you just have to worry about promotion in social media and your blog. Always remember to become an affiliate to those products you have used and are helpful to your audience.

Pro Tip: You can also use affiliate links as “ads” by adding the banners of the product with your unique link (crucial) in related blog posts.

Tools you will need: Become an affiliate of the product you want to promote.

If you want to become an affiliate of an ebook you just read or an online course you have completed, you will usually find the information about how to become an affiliate at the end of the course or ebook. If you can’t find the information, it is always a good idea to contact the authors directly and tell them how helpful was their product and you will like to share them with your audience as an affiliate.

Money you can make: There are different commissions you can earn from various affiliate programs. In the blog world, the most common commision is 50% of the selling others bloggers products. Amazon, however, only offers a 4% commision but it will give you the commission on any product the person who enters the site through your link even if they don’t buy what you were promoting.

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This method can be a little controversial because many bloggers think that using ads will scare readers away. I personally believe that a few ads won’t scare anyone away as long as the content is excellent and helpful. However, I can assure you that if I find a blog with good content but it has an add every two lines I will leave the site, especially if it has pop-ups every 2 minutes.

The key to advertising is to keep it to the minimum and in a way that blends with your branding. I add two or three ads per post, depending on the length of the blog post. I try to put them before a new heading because I don’t like to interrupt the flow of a paragraph. Also, I don’t want to use popups for advertising or in between feeds, to me that is too much. You can try what works better for you and test what your readers like most. Many successful bloggers receive hundreds of visitors a day with more ads than I use and readers don’t seem to bother. Why? Because their content is fantastic and they don’t care if there are a few ads on the way. They want to learn and read what those bloggers have to say. So don’t overdo it and it will be fine.

Tools you will need:

Money you can make: It will depend on how big is your audience and the number of clicks you get. It will take you time to see high payment from ads, but once you reach a big enough audience, you can start earning hundreds per month.

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BONUS: Sponsored Posts.

Another great way to make money on your blog is to look for sponsored post offers. A sponsored post is a blog post that features a product that you love and use and it will be beneficial for your audience in some way. There are different platforms you can sign up for to become a part of their community and get offers related to your niche.

Here is a lit with a few great platforms to start out:

  • Linqia:  It is extremely easy to sign up. Once you do so you will need to connect your social media channels and your analytics. Linqia will show you an estimation of your earnings by the number of visits and followers you have and the number of clicks you will need to achieve that. This is an estimation and your real earning will depend on your performance and the offer.
  • Social Fabric: You need to reside in the US or Canada. I heard great things about, however, since I am not in North America I can´t give you my personal opinions about this platform.
  • Weave Made Media:  you need to have 7,500 page views per month and to have been blogging for more than 6 months.

You will need to sign up for every one of them.



There is always a way you can try to start making money blogging. Some of these ideas can take time and effort to develop, like digital products. Others can become a consistent form of income like services you can offer on your blog, and there are other ways for you to initiate with passive income by adding affiliate links and ads to your blog posts. Remember that everything takes time and a little bit of effort, blogging is not a quick get rich scheme and you need to create helpful and insightful content to attract readers and keep them coming back.

There are many ways you can turn your blog into a profitable side hustle or business. Take a look at the list of ways you can start making money blogging.

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