Travel like a local in Miami

 7 places you can´t miss in Miami

There is so much to enjoy and see at Miami besides the typical touristy attractions like South Beach or Bayside. If you are planning a trip to Miami and want to feel like a local take a look at this list.

Key Biscayne

Run, drive or bike through the bridge.

Key Biscayne MiamiThe views are just amazing.

There is a park at the end where you can enjoy the beach and a barbecue.  You will have to pay a $8.00 entrance fee. After that, you can park there all day, be at the beach, have a great barbecue and visit the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

There are many big Iguanas around there. Relax and walk to the beach, it is just so beautiful and peaceful!

There is also a beach for dogs. While I don’t recommend swimming there for humans (there is a lot of algae) it is a great spot to take your dogs and let them enjoy the ocean.

Chill N Ice cream

If you go to Miami, not matter what time of the year you visit you will want to have some ice cream to refresh yourself.

And what is more refreshing than nitrogen?

A nitrogen ice cream!

Yes, you read it right… Nitrogen Ice Cream! It is very popular around Pinecrest and Fort Lauderdale.

It is totally safe and it is just amazing!

You pick the flavors and the size and some toppings. Shouldn’t say topping cause what they do is to mix them with your ice cream flavors, so you will enjoy the topping all through your ice cream! Great idea, huh!

I won’t spoil it much for you, just letting you know that if you like ice cream this place is a must to visit.

OH! And if you love red velvet as much as I do, and you happened to be there during fall… don’t forget to ask for your red velvet and chocolate ice cream. You won’t regret it!

You can check out the website and find the locations here.

Coconut grove

There is always something going on here. There are many events and fairs that you will have to keep track of the days you visit to make sure you don’t miss out.

You can enjoy a nice meal at Books & Books and also read magazines and, obviously, books. Great spot to spend some time.

Don’t forget to have your very own choice of frozen yogurt with as many toppings as you want! (Of course, the more you put, the more you pay ha-ha)

In coconut Grove, you can find very nice boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Coconut Grove MiamiThere is a street mall called coco walk, where you can shop or walk around.

Also, if you feel adventurous and want to walk a little further down the street, towards the water, you will find really nice parks with beach Volleyball and dog parks.



Oleta River State Park

Oleta National Park

Further away in the north of Miami, there is a beautiful park called Oleta River State Park. You can park there the whole day for $6 and enjoy this beautiful place.

There aren’t usually many people around there and they offer a lot of activities.

When we visited, we went kayaking. We rented a three-spot kayak it was so much fun! You can rent by the hour and they will give you a little map and you really just have to follow the other kayaks or follow the current. We got to see a couple of manatees swimming right next to us and underneath our kayak! Just amazing!

Area 31 at Brickell

Area 31 is on the 16th floor of the EPIC hotel in BISCAYNE BLVD WAY. You can go during the day to have a refreshing bath in their cool pool.

Area 31 pool Epic Hotel Miami

But the fun comes at night, they have happy hours Monday to Thursday and Chase the Clock on Fridays after 5 pm. What does Chase the clock mean? Well, if you arrive at p.m. your drink will be $5, if you arrive at 10p. m…. $10…. It doesn’t matter how much the drinks are it is always packed. It is also a good way to network or simply to meet new people.


Wayside market

Wayside Market side

If you like smoothies you should stop at this little market. It is in Pinecrest, really close to Coral Gables and it has been open for a very long time. They claim to have the best smoothies in town, and I agree! They are delicious! You have a wide variety of flavors, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter and banana, protein shake…. With sugar, with honey… on ice… with yogurt… My favorite of all times is Strawberry and banana yogurt. The Mango smoothie is delicious too!

You can enjoy the beautiful view from the picture just crossing the road to the other side of the market and walking down towards the bridge. There is a path that will take you toMathesonn Hammock Park.

Matheson Hammock Park

It is in the Coral Gable area, very close to Wayside Market. The perfect excuse to burn those extra calories you have accumulated with that delicious chocolate smoothie.

Matheson Hammock´s bike trail

I have been there so many times, I can’t even tell you the exact number. Take a bike and ride around the park, there is a really nice trail on the side, and you will be riding among mangroves. It is beautiful. I recommend avoiding the summer months, it gets super humid and the bike trails are inaccessible due to the high currents and the mud from the mangroves, plus you will get a lot of mosquito bites otherwise. But even during the fall and winter, take some mosquito spray just in case, you never know!

On one of my bike rides around the park, I spotted a family of Racoons. It was so great to see mama raccoon and her three little babies following her… Didn’t have the time to capture it with my camera, but it will always be in my head.


If you feel like having a bath, there is a little round pool-beach that gets the water from the ocean but it doesn’t move much. Don’t worry, it is safe to swim there and you can see the little fish swimming around too!

Great place for kids to play!


Matheson Hammock Miami







If you go to Miami and visit these places, please comment below.

Have you been in any of them?

Did I miss another great local spot?