The best Apps to meet new people!


The best Apps to meet new people anywhere!


Meeting people has become during the past decade something really hard to do. You see people every day, yes, but everybody is on their phones, and there is not much room for a conversation anymore. Sad… but true.

Sometimes is easier to start conversations, like when you go out at night. However, many of those conversations are always pointed in one direction, and there is not always what you are looking for.

Especially when you are new to a city, unless you have a job and can talk to your colleagues, it is hard to find friends. I have been there, I left Spain in 2012 and moved to the U.S to be an Aupair and improve my English… long story short, I knew nobody… lucky me the agency I went with had meetings with other aupairs, but meeting guys outside the Aupair and children circle became a little complicated.

Doesn’t matter the situation you are in, there is a quick solution for it. Here is when the tech comes in handy. Many webs and app allow us now to meet people based on our interests and location.

In this post, I want to show you a list of what I consider the best app you can find to meet people of all kinds. I am not talking only about dates. You can find friends, people that have the same hobbies as you do, even professional networking.

Are you ready to discover these great apps?


Let’s take a look!

 General apps to meet people

  1. Meetup – iOS & android

Great app to meet people in your area with the same interests. Register and find a great group to join, or make your own! When I was in Miami, I join some groups here to take photographs and go to cool places around my area.

I even sing up to play kickball! It was really fun! And I got to meet a lot of nice people!

  1. BonAppetour iOS

It has a funny name, doesn’t it? Bon (App) e-tour. The main point of this app is to have a gastronomic experience of the city you are in with locals. Someone will post an event, they will cook and you just have to buy your invitation. Pretty cool! At the end of the day, it will cost you the same as having a “real experience” in some touristy restaurant.

I think it is a very innovative way of bringing people together. Thumbs up!

Haven´t had the chance to try it yet, but it sounds very interesting.

  1. Party with a Local iOS & android

Same style as BonAppeTour, but instead of food going out.

If someone has ever tried this app, please comment below. I am curious to know how this works.

  1. H!nge iOS & android

If you are in college, this is your app. It helps you find people with your same interests.

Everyone that has been in college knows that is hard to find people with similar interests to yours, because, well, there is just so many people!! You don´t have the chance to talk to everybody.

This app is really helpful. I used it when I finished my au pair program and went back to college in Miami. I was older than the average student, not a lot older, but enough to don´t have the same concerns. This app helped a lot.

  1. MeetnGreeted iOS

A mix between Meetup and a dating app. You find people with the same interest as yours nearby.

  1. Findable Free – find, message & meet new ios & android

Want to do something, but don´t have anyone to go with you? Frindable will show you people close to you that are also looking for a plan. Great alternative to expanding your circle of friends.

 Ladies’ exclusive

  1. Hey! Vina iOS

This app will match you with other girls that are looking for friends in the same area as you. Really nice alternative to online dating apps. Sometimes you just need a lady´s talk, and have a Ladies’ night out!

  1. Bumble (BFF) iOS

This app is AWESOME! I just like it so much… I can talk about it all day. With this app, I met my very best friends in Atlanta.  I was new to the city, the school was super far away from home, and I knew nobody around. I was tired of meeting guys all the time, not because it wasn´t fun, but you know… sometimes you just want to go shopping or to the movies with a girlfriend.

I used this app as a dating app. One day I was bored of doing left and right with guys, and I started investigating the menu… and I discovered the great bumble BFF world!

It is a little awkward at the beginning, choosing a friend by a picture. The good thing is that you don´t keep the same profile as the one you have for dates, thank you Bumble! It is easier to find ladies with some profiles that will match yours. Swipe right and if your BFF does too, the conversation starts!

I have to tell you, that’s the first time I met with a BFF it was a little strange. Not because of her, just because it was kind of like a date and we both felt a little awkward. However, that lasted for a second, and we started talking about a trillion things.

Totally recommended for both BFF and dating.

 For professionals

If you are into networking for your business these apps are really helpful.

  1. Weave: meet up with local business entrepreneurs iOS & android

I think this is a really good idea for people that are starting (or not) in the entrepreneurship world. Just create your account through LinkedIn and start swiping right or left to meet professionals close to you.

  1. CoffeeTheApp – Build Your Network

    I like this app because it takes your data out of your LinkedIn profile. It offers to do so from your Facebook account too, but I think LinkedIn is more professional.

    Another way of doing networking online.

  2. Shapr iOS & android

    Every day you get 5 to 10 suggestions to meet professionals with similar interests.


And that is it!

Hope you liked the post. I haven´t included any dating app because I will have a 20,000-word post. I will try to make a list with the best dating apps on the market, in my opinion of course 🙂

Please comment about other cool apps to meet people or your experiences with any of these apps.


Have a great day!